UJA Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships – University of Jaén

The University of Jaén (Spain) is willing to host post-doctoral MSCA-PF 2021 applicants according to the following potential positions at the UJA (if funding is granted by the EC): https://www.ujaen.es/servicios/ofipi/events/uja-marie-sklodowska-curie-postdoctoralfellowships-pf-hosting-offers-2021.

The Hosting Offers cover the following areas of expertise: Chemistry (CHE), Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Information Science and Engineering (ENG), Environment and Geosciences (ENV), Life Sciences (LIF), Mathematics (MAT) & Physics (PHY).

Interested applicants (PhD holders) should send their CV, Motivation letter, and Summary of project proposal (250 words) to the UJA potential proposal supervisor by the hosting offer deadline. Please, take into account that only candidates that meet the MSCA-PF 2021
application requirements according to the Funding & Tenders Portal (such as the so-called ‘mobility rule’ or the maximum number of years regarding previous research experience) will be considered for proposal supervision.

Further information is available at (ofipi@ujaen.es)